Design Compendium

Design Compendium

A collection of works documenting the projects and family we call Design Compendium

It was a pleasure to collaborate with The Future Market team to develop conceptual renderings, branding, and product design for their Summer 2015 pop-up shop. The Future Market was introduced at this past weekends’ Taste Talks, Future Food Expo in Brooklyn.

Check out a press article from Supermarket News and be sure to follow @TheFutureMkt or check them out on the web.

XpresSpa Floral Feature Wall production shots (minus the orange highlights).

Running in circles! James and Troy Smith in production on some Holiday Window prototypes.

"I should have cut the red wire"
-Lethal Weapon 3

Rat Race?

Our wheels are turning! Fresh cosmetics bikes getting a facelift for an upcoming trade show.

To infinity…. and beyond!

Happy Birthday to our Captain Crunch, Fruit-Loop, our Luckiest of Charms, and our Count Chocula!!

Cereal…never too old. Happy B-day August!

DC in da (Glass) House!

Product development in the works.